“Our roots are in kindness and respect, branching out to touch the hearts of children and families around the world.”

– Jeanne Marie Tidwell

Jeanne Marie Tidwell

Who we are

Crystal Tree Group’s founder and CEO had a vision of a fun, totally unique children’s property that put the Golden Rule front and center. Why?

Jeanne Marie Tidwell’s sons were bullied in school, and the experience compelled her to write a project that captured situations children experience not only socially, but within themselves. With messages of kindness, respect, and courtesy wrapped around an entertaining package , she hopes that “Sir Dapp!” will encourage children to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Crystal Tree Group’s toolbox consists of an interactive mobile app for young readers ages 5 – 8, and a full-length original album of music for children and families, and a new Roblox experience.

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“Sir Dapp!” Featured in The Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – A decade-long effort to teach children kindness, respect and courtesy has paid big dividends for a Palm Beach Gardens mother. Read more!
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Jeanne Marie Tidwell Wins Songwriting Awards

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – First-time lyricist, composer and producer, Jeanne Marie Tidwell, of Palm Beach Gardens’ Crystal Tree Group, received the Outstanding Composition award and one finalist nod in…
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“Sir Dapp!” Is Award-Winning!

Sir Dapp! App and Album Recieve NAPPA and Tillywig Awards We’re honored to have the official Sir Dapp! app “Sir Dapp! Game Show” with the Sir Dapp & the Paw…
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“This Is Our Time” Album Out Now!

New Children’s Album Turns Up The Volume On Self-Esteem, Social Survival Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – January 14th, 2019 – Fresh on the heels of their well-received holiday single, “Santa Spirit,”…
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our work

Creating fun, award-winning products that help kids learn and make parents smile.

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Project Name:
Sir Dapp! Game Show App
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Who could resist a main character that goes a little crazy with manner-centric songs, raps and dances, then immediately re-sets his ‘do?  And the beautiful co-star who writes her own songs and sings them beautifully while managing her own biscuit and tea business, dispensing thoughtful advice on the side?  What about the loud, nosy, honking goose who gets her “beak” into everybody’s business and expects daily biscuit treats?  The young nephew who knows what he should do, but doesn’t always? Welcome to our world!

It all happens in the town of Decorum, and through our “Sir Dapp and the Paw Prints” music, the “Sir Dapp! Game Show” app, you’ll experience the joy of “singing high above the roofs!” while understanding that it’s fun to be “in the know” about manners, kindness, and the importance of the words you choose.

Project Name:
Sir Dapp & the Paw Prints Music

The animated rock band “Sir Dapp & The Paw Prints”, featured in the “Sir Dapp!” app and “This Is Our Time” full-length musical album for children and families features not-so-ordinary music! The tunes embrace pop, rock, and even jazz genres while sending important messages to kids about kindness, respect, and self-image.

Sir Dapp & The Paw Prints also rock out with “Santa Spirit”, a fun, original Christmas single that families will put on “repeat.” The snappy, memorable song celebrates the season “coming alive” with bright spirits and gifts of the heart, surrounded by the ones we love. The Deluxe Edition with the karaoke version and instrumental track were released in 2020.

Project Name:
Sir Dapp! & The Mysterious Manor on Roblox

Introducing Sir Dapp and the Mysterious Manor, the latest addition to the Sir Dapp IP from Crystal Tree Productions. Developed by Dubit.io, this game is aimed at children 5 – 8 years old and is now available on the Roblox metaverse. In this game, players join Sir Dapp, the manners-centric Schnauzer, as they explore his quirky ancestral home, seeking and uncovering hidden items that contribute to the well-being of the cast of characters. The game is designed to subliminally introduce children to messages of empathy, respect for one’s home, and the environment, while engaging in a lively treasure hunt.

With obstacle-filled ventures and delightful Easter Eggs, Sir Dapp and the Mysterious Manor provides a fun and immersive experience for kids while reinforcing character-building messages. The game’s end screen highlights the benefits of positive behavior, encouraging children to treat others with kindness and respect.

With its unique approach to character-building and a strong message of positivity and kindness, Sir Dapp and the Mysterious Manor is the perfect game for children to learn and grow while having fun. Get ready to embark on a magical treasure hunt with Sir Dapp and his crew in the mystical Mysterious Manor!

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