Sir Dapp! Game Show Released

January 8, 2019
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New Game Show-Style App Makes Manners and Courtesy Child’s Play

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – January 8th, 2019 – ENTERTAINMENT and etiquette are unique partners with an animated silver-haired Schnauzer in the “Sir Dapp! Game Show” app. Since its release January 1, 2019, it has been recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards, and the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards. It is also a Best Mobile App Awards nominee. 

Children ages 5-8 choose from categories like “Sight What’s Polite,” “Historically Rude,” “Keeping it Clean,” with the app’s main canine character, Sir Dapp, guiding them to complete fun raps, decide “who did it?”, figure out what is polite or rude, and more. 

A word or two from guest stars The Dollie, a gentle canine cousin to Sir Dapp, and comic foil, the biscuit-loving goose Grumpy Gertrude, will have kids feeling good about their choices and laughing out loud at GG’s quips and Dapp’s young nephew Duffie’s antics. Occasional commercial “breaks,” with fun PSA’s and music videos with teaching messages further the game show theme. 

“I wanted to take the notion of manners and turn it on its ear,” says writer and creator Jeanne Marie Tidwell of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida’s Crystal Tree Group. “Since all kids love to show off what they know, I’m challenging them to find the ‘wrong’ and make it ‘right,’ choose the polite thing to say, and just have fun with the fact that historical figures like King Henry VIII may have chewed with their mouths open!” 

“As parents we are always looking for fun ways to introduce important life skills to our kids,” says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. “Sir Dapp! Game Show is a wonderful way to teach kids about good manners and etiquette. It’s engaging and educational.” In their review, Tillywig Toy & Media says, “The Sir Dapp! Game Show is easily navigated and filled with exciting, engaging visuals and interactive play that keeps youngsters coming back for more fun and learning!” 

Mom Does Reviews blogger Christina Richard says “If you’re a parent looking for an app that will positively influence your child, Sir Dapp! is the perfect app. It’s fun, positive and sends a great message for your children. Sing and dance together and have a great time with Sir Dapp and friends in this adventure to kindness.” 

Created in conjunction with the award-winning Night and Day Studios in Portland, Oregon, the “Sir Dapp! Game Show” app is available for purchase and download now for $3.99 on Google Play and the Apple App Store. 


Jeanne Marie Tidwell is founder and CEO of CTG, and based her books, musical album entitled “This is Our Time” by Sir Dapp and the Paw Prints, and app on the concept of The Golden Rule.  Please visit and crystaltreegroup.comfor more information, or FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES, contact Kyle Tidwell at (561) 220-6328  and [email protected].