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Who could resist a main character that goes a little crazy with manner-centric songs, raps and dances, then immediately re-sets his ‘do?  And the beautiful co-star who writes her own songs and sings them beautifully while managing her own biscuit and tea business, dispensing thoughtful advice on the side?  What about the loud, nosy, honking goose who gets her “beak” into everybody’s business and expects daily biscuit treats?  The young nephew who knows what he should do, but doesn’t always? Welcome to our world!

It all happens in the town of Decorum, and through our “Sir Dapp and the Paw Prints” music, the “Sir Dapp! Game Show” app, and books (coming soon), you’ll experience the joy of “singing high above the roofs!” while understanding that it’s fun to be “in the know” about manners, kindness, and the importance of the words you choose.

Sir Dapp! NAPPA Awards WinnerSir Dapp! Tillywig Awards Winner