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“Our roots are in kindness and respect branching out to touch the hearts of children and families around the world.”

– Jeanne Marie Tidwell

Jeanne Marie Tidwell

Back in 2010, our founder had a vision that the concept of the Golden Rule could be addressed in a fun, totally unique children’s property.

Jeanne Marie Tidwell began to write stories, and then musical lyrics, with varying themes that captured situations that children experience daily not only socially, but within themselves.

Her main character, the silver-haired Schnauzer Sir Dapp Von Clapp, expresses rules to live by as a dancing and rapping Manners Master with a mission:  “Never neglect kindness and respect.”

The project soon flowed into “This Is Our Time,” a full-length musical album, a Christmas single titled “Santa Spirit,” and the “Sir Dapp! Game Show,” an entertaining app that really gets children thinking about the value of politeness, tidiness, and common courtesy.


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